Losers Didn’t Actually Read Frankenstein, Write an Article About It Anyway, More at 11

This article was written by one of the townspeople

They kinda both have a point. I mean, the adaptations make the monster a lot dumber and more innocent, but he’s really not like that in the original.

The original book he was basically a highly intelligent, angsty psychopath. He had a miserable life – his creator abandoned him as soon as he came to life, the only guy who was really nice to him was an old blind guy whose family freaked out when they saw him, he went and begged his creator to give him a bride to keep him company and his creator started to do it but changed his mind, townsfolk attacked him, etc.

But on the other hand, he did murder an innocent child just because his last name was Frankenstein, kill Victor’s bride because Victor refused to make him a bride, and just generally killed a bunch of other people too just to make Victor miserable. Plus, with the bride he wanted, it doesn’t sound like he gave much thought to whether or not she’d consent to be with him.

Victor Frankenstein was a pretty shitty person too, but objectively I’d say the monster did a lot worse than his creator did. The monster’s very much a ‘sympathetic villain’ rather than an innocent victim.


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