Is Being Gay Genetic

“is being gay genetic” there’s literally no good reason to ask this question. shitheel
Are you saying that “being gay is genetic” is such an obvious thing that it shouldn’t be asked? Or are you saying that “being gay is genetic” is so untrue that just asking it is offensive?
I don’t believe that being gay is genetic, partly because the studies that have been done on the subject have only been able to show loose correlative connections to being gay by conditions such as in-utero hormone levels, birth order, having an identical twin who is gay. The burden of proof lies on the person proposing that it IS true to prove it, and they have not proven it, thus there is no reasonable position to take than to say that being gay is not genetically caused.
I firmly believe that any scientific study that seeks to find the “biological causative variable” to being gay (such as a specific genetic sequence) has a VERY HIGH POTENTIAL to make it easierto commit anti-gay discrimination, anti-gay genocide, anti-gay eugenics, anti-gay conversion therapy. I do not want people to be able to be outed by a genetic test. Many minors and dependents’ safety is contingent on the fact that they are able to withhold the fact that they are gay from their parents and/or guardians. I do not want “gay” to be a part of people’s medical records, since medical records that indicate transgender status, mental illness, HIV positive status, etc, are currently used to discriminate against people. I do not want people to abort their fetus specifically because a test indicates that fetus will grow up to be gay.
I do not want the medical industry to destroy our ability to self-identify.
What do you do if you are gay but a genetic test claims that you are straight?
I am a 24 year old lesbian transgender woman. When I was about… 15-19 years old I identified as a bisexual male. I do not want a genetic test for gayness to be done to me in order to determine which one of those identities is “fake” and which one is “real.” I do not want such a test to injure my sense of self. I know who I am.
I believe that gender and sexual orientation are roles that are socially mandated, meaning that these are not universal labels but rather cultural labels. The idea of bringing genetics and biology into this to reinforce the barriers between different labels is horrible and invites social violence.
Gay people do not need such a test. They know they are gay, thus that test is obsolete.
A genetic test for gayness will not cure homophobia, but give it a weapon.
Instead of homophobes believing “gay people are moral degenerates” they will believe “gay people are, genetically, moral degenerates. Now please give us your blood so we can see if you are subhuman or not.”
You don’t believe in sheer scientific curiosity? I would love to know why I’m aroace, and even why I’m autistic (though I shudder to think what ableists will do with that knowledge). Just because I don’t think it’s a good idea to put certain kinds of knowledge in the hands of bigots doesn’t mean I think that knowledge has no value.

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