This is so fucking important to understand. All of it.

Completely agree, the coming out process is a unique experience for everyone.

This thing upsets me every time I see it because the original had someone coming out as kinky, which made me so happy, but there was a huge backlash against that and the OP caved and released this version.

Please, if you care about kinky people like me, spread the original instead. I have felt a ton more angst and stress around coming out as kinky than coming out as ace, aro or girlflux. And I’m so sick of people who think there’s no reason for kinky people to come out to anyone other than their partner, or that saying you’re kinky is inherently TMI.

Don’t support language possessiveness. Coming out is for anyone who resonates with that term.

Kinks are inherently sexual. You are not oppressed for your kinks, nor experience any kind of discrimination for them. Unless people being upset about you exposing them to your sex life without their consent is considered “discrimination” (hint: it’s not)

Tell people that you’re kinky if you wanna, as long as they’re okay with it. But it’s not “coming out”. A kink isn’t how you’re born. You’re not going to be kicked out of your house for having a kink UNLESS you’re exposing it to people who do not consent to it. And that’s your fault.

This post is about being lgbt+, not about being kinky. So it doesn’t belong. OP did the right thing by fixing it.

Are you kinky? If not, how do you have the slightest clue what being kinky is like?

I’m a minor and asking me that is beyond creepy. But it doesn’t matter. Kinks do not make you lgbt+. Have you been denied a job for being kinky? Have you been abused for being kinky? I doubt it. Because the only way people find out about your kinks is when YOU expose them to it.

Being lgbt+ is in every aspect of your life. Being kinky is not. And if it is, you’re a gross person for exposing non consenting people to it. You are not oppressed for your kinks, so you’re not lgbt+.

You don’t have a clue what it’s like to be kinky. You don’t know what oppression kinky people face (I know kinksters who absolutely have experienced both of your examples, for the measure).

And if being kinky in every aspect of your life is exposing people to sexual content, then so is wearing a wedding ring. Kink is not entirely sexual.

Plus, having sexual feelings and acknowledging them openly isn’t actually a bad thing. I wouldn’t tell someone who uses the split attraction model that they can’t reveal their sexual orientation, even though that’s inherently sexual. (I don’t know, maybe you would. Antis tend to be aphobes.)

Anyway, I don’t see anything useful coming out of this, because you are basically being a broken record. So I’m blocking you.

Surprise fucker! Using this url just for you.

First of all, it’s not your place to say whether I know what it’s like to be kinky or not. It’s also not your place to even ask since I’m a god damned minor. But I’m not surprised you would, being a pedophile supporter and all.

Marriage isn’t inherently sexual. You know what? If I had a child, and this child was 18+ and exposed me to their kinky shit, I would kick them out. I wouldn’t neglect them, but I would do that because I didn’t consent to see their sexual business. If I was looking to hire someone, I wouldn’t hire if they were being openly kinky. It’s unprofessional. It’s not oppression.

Kinks ARE inherently sexual. You can’t have romantic or platonic kinks. You don’t experience platonic arousal when your partner dresses up in leather. You experience sexual. It is sexual 100% of the time. And you’re a gross-ass, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, danger to children.

I could be killed for being gay and trans. I have multiple sources showing how gay and trans people are abused, raped, killed, and are systematically oppressed. You can easily find them yourself. That’s how common it is.

Where are your sources? Where’s your proof of oppression? I never said acknowledging sexual feelings openly was bad. But you know what is? Being around people who didn’t say “hey I’m okay with you talking about this” and discussing how much you like to get pissed on. Do you even have any sources for “antis tend to be aphobes”? Every ace inclusionist I’ve talked to and associated with is an anti. We’re anti pedophilia and endangering children, but you aren’t!

You’re the broken record. You keep saying the same things, with little actual argument. You’re a disgusting person. And trust me, blocking me won’t get rid of me that easily. I go when I want to. And I won’t go until you provide ACTUAL SOURCES for your claims.

coming out kinky

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