asexual MAPs

Anonymous asked:
how do asexual maps even work? if yknow it’s based on sexual attraction? Can maps even be aroace?? like how?
thecandymap answered:
Well MAPs can still be minor attracted through romantic attraction if they are asexual! And some MAPs are asexual towards adults/peers but not towards minors so that would also count i suppose! It isn’t always based on sexual attraction in my opinion, some people don’t like to apply the split attraction model to paraphilias but i personally feel it fits! If you’re referring to someone being aroace towards minors then they aren’t a MAP, but if you’re referring to someone who is aroace towards everyone but minors they would be a MAP from my understanding! I’m not aroace so i suppose i could be wrong but I am aromantic towards my peers and adults so that’s just my experience! I hope this helps!
@thewerewolfmap is an ace MAP, if memory serves. Perhaps she can shed more light on this?
The short answer, however, is that minor attraction is not based solely on sexual attraction. It is based on romantic and sensual attraction additionally.
I do not know of any aroace MAPs personally but I can imagine at least two scenarios in which such labels may apply:
1. The person is aroace towards their peers but attracted to minors
2. The person is aroace but desires a relationship with minors similar to how they may date a peer.
‘Aroace’ can also refer to someone who’s grey-aro and/or grey ace. So an aroace person might still feel sexual or romantic attraction rarely, in a very nonstandard way, or only under very specific circumstances.
If the romantic/sexual attraction they feel can be directed towards minors, technically they’re a MAP aroace.

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