dogs begging

Anonymous asked:
You have any advice on how to get a dog stop begging for food
handsomedogs answered:
Stop giving it to him!
Really it’s that easy. Dogs learn how to beg by getting rewarded for staying close to you while eating. If you make your dog give you distance while you eat, and make sure every single person is in board with not feeding table scraps, your dog will get bored and eventually realize those cute eyes don’t work anymore!
You can also give him a puzzle feeder while you’re eating to keep him occupied, but to actually cease the behavior you’ll have to cut out feeding him from your plate at all times, and ask him for space. Putting him away while your eating won’t teach him to stop begging, but it takes away the opportunity to practice the behavior and might be best when guests are over.
Most houses are helpful because the dining room is hardwood and the living room is carpet, so asking him to stay off the wood floor is easy for him to remember. It’s good to pick an actual spot you don’t want your dog to cross, and stick with it, otherwise they’ll just keep inching closer and closer 🙃
We’ve literally never fed Tobi from our plates and go out of our way to make sure he knows that he’s not allowed near food. It hasn’t stopped him from begging. I really wish there was another school of thought to how to deal with this.
What I’ve found useful is to teach my dog a different way of begging, rather than stopping her from begging altogether. She now begs by lying down and looking extremely submissive, and I can tell her at a moment’s notice to give me more space by going to her bed. (She also begs rather than snatching when I drop stuff – I taught her that by being ready to snatch it back if she went for it during training.)

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