comparing ace discourse to TERFs

‘compares trans people to terfs’ is about ace discourse and all I can say is, it’s been demonstrated over and over again not only the similarities in terf rhetoric and aphobe rhetoric, but that you people are making terfs happy and aiding in their recruitment of young people.
so if you want to not be compared to  a terf stop helping them and sounding like them.
so like why do u get off on being transphobic just wondering
idk why do you people keep ignoring the demonstrated proof that you sound like terft and that terfs are lapping the ace discourse up
terf rhetoric and ace exclusionist rhetoric are completely incomparable when will u stop comparing exclusionists (a group almost entirely if not entirely comprised of lgbt ppl, which in itself contains a large number of trans women) excluding their OPPRESSORS from spaces literally created to keep their oppressors out, to terfs (a group almost entirely comprised of cis women) excluding the PEOPLE THEY OPPRESS (trans women) from spaces inherently created for all women. power dynamics matter. excluding your oppressors is not the same rhetoric/argument as excluding the ppl you oppress.
so that’s one right there. identifying out of your own privilege, or the concept that people who are part of a privileged group want to identify themselves as part of an oppressed group to infiltrate it, instead of actually being an oppressed group, is straight TERF rhetoric used against trans women. right there in your post you are using terf rhetoric misdirected towards aspec/arospec people.
TERFs don’t describe themselves as excluding the people they oppress, but as excluding their oppressors (men). You are using TERF rhetoric, equating an oppressed group (aces and aros) with oppressors of both groups (cishet allos), just as TERFs equate trans women with cis men.

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