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teachers’ attempts to break his spirit – W-sitting

hazel-eyed-fangirl: “acemindbreaker: “shitmysecondgraderssay: “semicolons-and-ellipses: “mrskaaay: “ munkyboywndr: “ thetrippytrip: “ When you’re a woke parent ” I love parents that tell their children that as their teacher I’m trying to break them...


When you’re a woke parent


I love parents that tell their children that as their teacher I’m trying to break them or something when really I’m just trying to teach their kids to read


The ELA teacher and I talk about this frequently. Like, if you want to challenge your teacher, there is a time and a place (and there are legitimate reasons).

If I’m asking you not to tap your pen because it’s distracting and or/annoying 50% if the class, that’s not something to challenge me on because that’s just being a dick.

If I’ve asked you to read something and I didn’t realize it was against your religious beliefs (sorry, Jehovah’s Witnesses, I am really bad about it, but getting better!) by all means, politely inform me that you can’t read that material, could you use the textbook to find an alternate?


ah yes, teachers, we’re all so corporate and manipulative with our fancy salaries and luxurious hours not spent grading/lesson planning past sundown and getting up at the crack of dawn so we can meet with a student to go over work they missed or don’t understand. i mean, really, we become teachers for the fame, glory, and cash, right? and of course, the adoring respect of the families we work for. breaking children’s spirits is just the cherry on top.

fuck. this.


Oh my god, I have a student who whines “but whyyyyyyyy” whenever I ask him to do something and gets a kick out of being purposely defiant.

He w-sits on the rug, so we’ve talked about sitting on his bottom so people behind him can see and he doesn’t hurt his knees.

I ask him to stop talking when others are sharing. “BUT WHYYYYYY?” Because you’re being extremely rude, same as always.



Seriously? You’re even trying to control how the poor kid sits?

No wonder he doesn’t want to listen to you.

He knows better than you if his knees are hurting. And W-sitting isn’t any harder to see past, he’s going to be at the same height as he would sitting with his legs out or crossed or whatever you’re asking.

Get off of your power trip, and stop bullying a second-grader.


W sitting causes muscle problems and knee problems later in life. He doesn’t feel the damage he’s doing but that doesn’t mean he’s not doing damage. You clearly know nothing about child development so shut the fuck up


Any actual research to prove that? The data I’ve seen says that W sitting is a sign of muscle and knee problems, not a cause of them. It’s generally either a sign of cerebral palsy or hypermobility.

If you’re genuinely concerned about that, there are far better ways to help than to micromanage how a child sits. I’ve been that kid getting micromanaged by teachers. I’d rather have wrecked knees and muscles than have gone through that.

Plus, it’s a teacher doing this, not a physical therapist. Teachers are constantly pretending they know way more than they do. Being a teacher does not make you an expert on musculoskeletal problems in children, so unless an actual physical therapist has recommended that this kid needs to stop W sitting, the teacher shouldn’t be trying to practice physical therapy on him.


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