coming out kinky & supporting MAPs

goldenfalls: “discourseful: “goldenfalls: “discourseful: “ discourseful: “this is literally THE SINGULAR funniest fucking comment about kink i have EVER on this website ” MOM IM 13 AND I NEED TO ASK YOU ABOUT BONDAGE? ” I don’t get the joke? ” a)...
this is literally THE SINGULAR funniest fucking comment about kink i have EVER on this website
I don’t get the joke?
a) needing to ask your MOM to take you to a kink party is embarrassing
b) the op is a nasty creep with a fetish for mind control and disabilities + is a pedo apologist and anything they say is a joke
That one is disconcerting because my understanding is you shouldn’t be allowed at kink parties if you’re under 18 and can’t drive, plus you really shouldn’t involve people like that before knowing if kink makes them uncomfortable, but the rest of the points seem solid. The 13-year-old asking their parent about if something is wrong with them is especially something that I don’t think is very funny since it seams like a serious issue/situation. I didn’t know that stuff about OP :/ Taken out of context, I found those points very reasonable. And looking at their pedophilia tag, it looks like they’re a CSA survivor, so I’m not sure what to think? I just went down a google scholar rabbit hole looking up pedophilia and therapy and recidivism and I might be even more confused than I started, but I think I’m just gonna back out of this discourse because I don’t feel I know enough about it to speak on it.
Yeah, I’m a CSA survivor, and that’s one of the big reasons I support non-offending pedophiles.
No one chooses what turns them on. Just as people can’t choose to be gay or straight, people can’t choose if they’re pedophiles or have creepy weird kinks (like me) or anything like that. What you can choose is how to act on it – whether you refrain from acting on your true desires because you can’t do it without harming someone; find a way to act on your desires with a competent, consenting partner (which is obviously a lot easier for some people than for others); or decide to act on your desires heedless of the harm you do to others.
The world I want to see is one where pedophiles get support in choosing to acknowledge their attraction and make the ethical choice to either not act on them at all or only act them out in roleplay with adult partners. I also want pedophiles who have done nothing wrong to feel good about themselves and not go through unnecessary suffering because of something that they have no control over.
I also want people to stop equating pedophilia with child sexual abuse for two reasons – one, because it makes it harder for pedophiles who don’t want to harm children; and two, because I was abused by non-pedophiles, and equating pedophilia with CSA erases the danger from non-pedophilic child molestors.
I also support non-offending pedophiles because while I am not attracted to children myself, I do get turned on by things that would be unethical and harmful in real life. (Also impossible, but that doesn’t stop the haters. Honestly, my fantasy is about as realistic as macro/micro is.) The people who support non-offending pedophiles are people who I know will support me too. And a society that accepts pedophiles who don’t have sex with children will also accept people like me. And because I went through a lot of shame and self-hatred figuring out my kinks, and I have empathy for what non-offending pedophiles experience.

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