Smash heteronormativity and cisnormativity in fiction blog masterlist!

Smash heteronormativity and cisnormativity in fiction blog masterlist!


  • @albatris Sci-fi short fiction with a variety of lgbtqai+ characters, equal part humor and serious themes.
  • @kioskwrites Science Fiction and Fantasy without straight characters at all.
  • @perringcentral both Science Fiction and Fantasy with LGBT characters.
  • @knightedwriter Sci-fi (Contact), Fantasy (The Moon’s song) and WIP (Death’s name) featuring queer characters as leads (including a non binary and a trans characters) and lgbt+ relationship.
  • @morrigans-ink-0124 Sci-fi book (Aerium) that features two pansexual, polyamorous characters, a genderfluid, aroace and a bisexual characters.

Fantasy and Paranormal

  • @justaprettylittlesoulwriter Vampires, werewolves and paranormal WIP in general with racially diverse lgbtqai+ characters.
  • @ziggy-writes-stuff Alchemy steamfantasy WIP with an almost all lgbtqai+ cast, with racially anc culturally diverse characters.
  • @elliot-orion Fantasy and Urban fantasy with lgbt and polyamorous characters.
  • @authorisada stories with ace (Council of Thieves) as well as other lgbt (Curse of the Crimson Throne: Courtesan) main characters.
  • @cog-writes High fantasy steampunk (MotU) with bi and ace protagonists, as a cast of lgbt+, POC and disabled characters.
  • @jmlascar Fantasy (Letters from the Underside) with an ace woman and a bi man as main characters, as well as with a lgbt+ diverse cast and romance.
  • @elle-ecrit-lamour LGBT Urban Fantasy and High Fantasy involving Angels and Demons.
  • @dancingdarklingwrites Fantasy that features primarily LGBTQ+ characters, polyamorous relationships and non-vanilla romances. Also own voices works as a non binary, genderfluid person.
  • @ejsmagazine Fantasy and Sci-fi full of LGBT+ characters, also on Wattpad and Fictionpress.
  • @nanaschreibt German writer of a book about a genderfluid magician.


  • @merlebaes-writing-resources Fantasy(The Demon apprentice), sci-fi, and horror writer (short stories), both of short stories and novel wips. A diverse LGBT+ and non-white cast is present in their work.

Action and Thriller

  • @lynnafred Superhero action story with a predominantly LGBT cast.
  • @panticwritten Supernatural thriller, but also variations of Fantasy and Fluffy, with a recurring agender, bisexual, greysexual and poly protagonist and a demisexual love interest.

General (or non specified by the author)

  • @writing-under-stars Fiction with Ace and lgbt character.
  • @pheita Stories and WIPs with mainly queer and heteronormativity defying character.
  • @scribble-dee-vee Fantasy and YA projects with sexuality, gender and race diverse character, plus resources on her blog.
  • @theguildedtypewriter a writembrl that focus both on LGBTQ+ and straight characters, trying to “use every color of our awesome fu****g Rainbow”
  • @theocaddictscorner Not a single one of their characters is both Cisgender and heterosexual.
  • @gettingitwrite Various works that all feature LGBTQIA+ characters and a WIP (Rabid) with an ace persone and a lesbian woman as main characters, as well as queer background characters.
  • @ruejuge Most of their characters are on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, feature a bisexual main character and a mlm romance.
  • @jade-island-lives Most of their work involves LGBTQIA+ characters and relationships.
  • @brynprocrastinates Writes almost exclusively LGBT+ characters, including ownvoice nonbinary protagonists and love interests. Part of a collab of nonbinary Writers to create a guide to help binary people in including non binary characters in their stories.
  • @mossywritings Writer with a lesbian main character.

Correlated (promotion, resources etcetc)

  • @jessicameats Promotion of LGBT+ Sci-Fi and Fantasy, giveaways and recommendation lists.

This list is gonna be updated!

cog-writes cog-writes

So many awesome new people to follow!!!
Oh this is amazing! I’m so proud of us! Also, I write urban fantasy/paranormal romance. And yes, I do curse a lot.
oh me me me!!! I have multiple non-cishet characters in my wips!
Ah this is great! So many new writeblrs to check out. I also write LGBT+ and neurodivergent characters if anyone is interested in my WIPs here (some info on the characters) and here!
I have way too many WIPs to list, but several feature non-cishet characters. For example:
Three sisters story:
Terald, the sweet forgiving sailor who takes care of the evil sorceress Morgana after she gets injured, is a cisgender aromantic heterosexual man, who wants to just spend his whole life sailing.
Lydia story:
There is one cishet polyamorous (possibly kinky) guy, everyone else so far is a wlw or aspec or both. The protagonist is pandemisexual and autistic.
Divad’s story:
Divad is the first vampire, has been a vampire since he was a toddler (vampires age in my setting, very slowly), and nearly all pre-pubertally turned vampires are aroace. So he’s aroace. He experiences a kind of parental squish-type attraction towards children he wants to turn, and that’s the only kind of attraction he feels.
Magdalena’s Lovers:
Magdalena is asexual. There’s also a minor character named Aggie, who is bisexual. I’m considering making another character gay, but I haven’t written it yet.
The three monsters story (urgh, I need a better name for it):
Two of the three monster protagonists are nonbinary (one agender and ace and one genderfluid and sexually fluid, both typical for their race), and their human victims include a gay guy, a trans guy who’s either gay or bi, and a genderfluid person. And possibly others.
My Alpha/Omega romance:
The main plot is a romance between a cis woman Alpha and a trans woman Omega. Same-gender A/O relationships are pretty normal, but being trans is unusual and kind of stigmatized, which is tough for her.
My kinky supernatural romance:
The main plot is a romance between a trans guy werewolf and a trans woman vampire, both kinky switches. I think the trans woman is probably ace, the guy is either heterosexual or bisexual.
My Gay Island story:
The story is inspired by the thread that was going around about sorting people on islands based on orientation. The protagonist is a homoromantic ace girl who grew up on Lesbian Island and her childhood best friend is the only major cishet character and angsts about not being a lesbian like her Moms. Her eventual love interest is a pansexual girl with an agender best friend living in secret on Straight Island. Other minor characters run the gamut of orientations.

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