Whump fics on tumblr


Whump fics on tumblr

So, as a newcomer to this wonderful corner of the internet, I have a question.
When you see whump fics, do you only read if you are acquainted with the fandom or is it all fair game if there’s good whump?
Personally, I need the fic to be in a fandom I love and about characters I whump otherwise it doesn’t really do much for me for me. I know some members of the community can read anything and imagine their faves in it instead of its intended characters, but not me. I sure do envy them that ability tho!
Same here, I need to know the characters, what they’re like, how they talk, what their relationship is with people around them… Often I won’t even read fics if they’re about someone who isn’t one of my whumpees being whumped. (that sentence got real weird😂)
I try to explore other fandoms. It does help me to be familiar with the characters, because (and I’m guilty of this too) many of the things that make a character who they are, quirks appearances and affectations are left out assuming that the reader already knows this about the character. It’s something I want to get better at. If I’m not familiar with the fandom, I just pretend they’re OCs or insert my own image of the characters.
It depends on how long it is. If it’s fairly short (less than 2k), then it’s more about what kind of whump it is than the characters. But if it’s a longer work, then I need to know the characters or have it be an OC. But hey. That’s just me.
I actually somewhat prefer if it’s not a fandom I’m in, because then I’m less likely to be distracted by OOC behavior.

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