20 Questions with Dr Ferox #23


Whelp, time for another blast of 20 questions and comments from the inbox. If you were brave enough to use your username I’ve tried to tag you (Thanks Tumblr) but if you were on anon, you’ll have to look yourself.
Would you folks be interested in me answering these sort of short questions in a video instead? Let me know in the replies. Now here we go!
Anonymous said: do u play mobile games on your phone, like animal crossing pocket camp? :O
No, should I? I haven’t heard much about it.
@trisaratops45 said: Dr. Ferox, First off I just started following your blog and love it! I’m stuck using mobile so I can’t see your faq information. I was just wondering if the clinic you work at sees any exotic or pocket pets? Of so what is your favorite to see and treat? Thank you!
Welcome! We don’t see a huge amount of exotics at my clinic, we’re not well set up for them, but ferrets are probably my favorites.
Anonymous said: do you follow any medblr blogs? and if you do, are you ever like ‘thank goodness i don’t have to deal with that’ or ‘man i wish it was that easy’? question tax: what is your favorite depiction of dragons from fantasy media
I actually had to go check which blogs I was following. No active medblr blogs in the list anyway. I often see real clients, in the flesh, and think ‘Im glad i don’t have to deal with that’, especially when they describe to me their own gross medical problems as though I want to know exactly what’s coming out of their orifices.
All dragons are good dragons. I don’t think i could pick a favorite.
@kumoi-no-hikari I used to have rats and brought them for many vet visits with no problems. The vet clinic I used was a veterinary teaching hospital, and often did medical research on rats, so they had tons of experience. The only thing they seemed surprised by was how friendly my rats were.
Keep in mind that although they aren’t super common pets, rats are very common in research, so plenty of vets have handled rats in that context.

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