changing name when nonbinary

Anonymous asked:
So I’m nonbinary and I wanna change my name, and here you can change your name without medical transition, but you still have to go to tribunals or something (I asked at this thing where yo can take photos for your id and stuff) and I don’t wanna do that bc a) not sure I have the money, and b) I’m scared that I won’t be considered trans enough
(name anon, hit send early. Also, cw: suicidal ideation) I don’t know what to do bc I really don’t want my deadname anymore, but I don’t wanna go and try only to get told I’m not trans enough, the idea of that happening is bringing my suicidal ideation back. What should I do?
If you decide not to do it you can still use your right name in as many contexts as possible.
If you do it it’ll still help to have used your name for a while, but other than that I don’t know much about this kind of stuff.
In some places you can get a paper using your real name and gender that you can use as a passport (even without an official name change) but idk if your country has something similar to this. It would also out you as trans to everyone you show it to
Maybe our followers can help you more
Mod Raccoon
Feel free to lie if you need to to get them to take you seriously. It’s totally fine to pretend to be binary trans for gatekeepers who don’t respect nonbinary people.

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