I think why I love transformers so much is that it’s the only robot story I know where the robots are legitimate People? like every other robot story is “oh these robots are piloted by people” or “oh these robots were made by people and they’re learning what it means to be alive and exploring the anxiety around ais/the advance of technology and how you define personhood” or as accessories to the human characters like in star wars or Star Trek or mass effect or like in wall-e the robots are cute but they’re very much just Cute Machines like “oh it’s a coffee maker but it makes cute noises!” or even just people’s minds in robot bodies etc etc but transformers is so different! cause it’s like… yeah they’re robots but they’re first and foremost People… like they have a soul and the robot thing is partly just flavour cause they’re very much people with emotions and personalities but also the incredible worldbuilding you can do in a race of robots like what kind of society would you have if your race lived for millions of years? if you could rebuild your body whenever you wanted? if there was no concept of children? if your brain was a computer and you could just download whatever information you needed and do complex calculations instantly? it’s so INTERESTING the idea of an entire society of completely sentient + sapient robots with no human influence who are nonetheless people…. I just think it’s so neat

and on TOP OF THAT… they can TURN INTO CARS AND STUFF… I love it I love. Transformers it’s so good

OP, you should check out Bionicle.


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