Desperate Need to Create Something

one of the most frustrating moods is Desperate Need to Create Something, Anything + persistent lack of motivation/attention/ability/time/inspiration/energy to do so
For me, I find the best approach is:
Open up my WIP and try to write just one more line to it (that ‘stop scrolling and write a line on your WIP’ post going around is really helpful for this).
If I can write more, I write more.
If I can’t even write one line, I either pick a different WIP, or I try to identify what’s got me stuck – it’s pretty much always some information I’m lacking, like I don’t know what the character is going to do, I don’t know what they’re about to discover, I don’t know how this aspect of my world works, etc.
So, I identify the problem, and then I get help. I either do research on that topic; or I explain the problem to another person (often I think up a solution merely from explaining the problem – failing that, they might give me useful advice); or I go back to basics and think about who my character is, what my world has, and what I most want to have happen next. If it depends on a secondary character, I think through the recent chunk of the story from their perspective, maybe even rewrite some scenes in their POV.

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