Conversion therapy for MAPs and fetishes


if you support conversion therapy for maps you’re homophobic! By supporting that for maps you are also supporting the grounds that unchosen and inborn attractions like being gay, bi, pan, aro, and ace can be removed! You support the grounds that those can be removed by therapy by also supporting that other attractions can be removed by conversion therapy. Supporting conversion therapy is homophobic no matter who you want it for because unchosen attractions cant be removed! And if you think it can you think lgb+ attractions can be removed!!
gay person: i wanna fuck a consenting adult (or similar age to mine) of my gender
bi: i wanna fuck a consenting adult (or similar age to mine) of any gender
ace: i dont wanna fuck any gender
pedo: i wanna fuck children, which is rape because kids cant consent
yeah same thing
First off your missing the point. Pedophillia is considered a sexual orientation, just like being all I listed. Saying it can be removed by conversion therapy is supporting the grounds that inborn, unchosen, and unchangeable attractions can be removed. Guess what also inborn, unchangeable, and unchosen? Being lgb+. That’s why it’s homophobic. Because you can’t cherry pick who you want it for. Even wanting it for only one certain group you’re still supporting the ground that lgb+ attractions can be removed as well.
sexual orientation relates to gender pedos arent pedosexual or whatever
my dad was a pedo. guess what else happened in his life? he was the oldest of six fucking children, most girls, the youngest one also a girl. he probably saw them naked, cleaned their diapers (single mom cant take care of 6 kids without help), basically he probably related kids with his sexual maturity. ive also heard of other pedos who had sexual encpunters with kids as children/younger teens. guess what this is common with? fetishes.
people like to say pedo isnt a fetish but it really is. its a bad, horrible fetish. thats not something youre born with. so no, pedo conversion therapy isnt homophobic. its not something youre born with. its a fetish which CAN be removed
also idc if child rapists arent all pedos all pedos still wanna fuck children
Pedosexuality is a 4chan gag. Along with clovergender. Maps is simply an umbrella terms made by professionals and coined by maps.
An attraction is not a fetish. It’s an attraction. If it was changeable you wouldn’t see any maps around at all. They would be out living normal lives. You have 0 evidence to back you up while maps have professionals and scientific proof. Try again. Also, they only people who see kids as a fetish are people who watch cp, and those who rape kids. Not nomaps.
What’s your point? I have intrusive thoughts of betraying peoples trust in me because of what happened to me when I was younger. Does that suddenly mean I will? Does me having thoughts that I never in my life would want to act on because of how they would hurt people mean I will?
The answer is no. If you get asked “would rape a kid” and the answer is a strong no thats how it always will be. Unchosen attraction or not nomaps don’t want to hurt kids.
its interesting that pedos never say their attraction is only romantic. like you never see ace pedos. or pedos who are like biromantic heterosexual. its always sexual based. thats because it is a fetish. they are never in love with a child, they are in love with a childs body. its a fetish and there’s no aruging otherwise.
There are ace spec pedos, and maps do talk about the romantic side. You just don’t see it because maps don’t go around talking about it to random people, especially not antis.
Are you implying that attractions are only sexual? Because me, an ace lesbian have a few words to say about that. And yes. Being a map is an attraction.
Literally send a message or an ask to a map, they will tell you they think romantically as well. Romantic interaction children is offending though so nomaps cant act on that.
i literally already talked about the lesbian vs . pedo shit. pedophilia is a fetish. being an ace lesbian is an orientation. people are sexually attracted to all children. people arent attracred to all people. even if someone was a lesbian pedo, they are attracted to all girls. im sure youre not attracted to all girls right?
if they did have romantic attraction, i would of seen a pedo mention it by now. obviously that would debunk the whole fetish thing. instead ive seen stories of people being turned on by any 3 year old children running around naked and people becoming teachers just so that they could assalt their students.
Ok. I have romantic attraction to children. And if you were a follower of my blog, you’d have seen me mention my romantic feelings before. Is that enough to debunk your argument like you said?
Or are you gonna tell me that me falling in love multiple times over the course of my life is just my imagination.
The feelings for one of my crushes even were strong enough to persist till now despite him having grown out of my aoa. (and I am 100% romantically exclusive) How’s that for romantic attraction?
The reason you don’t see maps on here talk about crushes is becasue as soon as you do some gremlin shows up and tries to gaslight you into thinking that your feelings aren’t real, combined with the fact that most maps don’t really talk about their attractions all that much in general outof fear of being attacked.
I’d link you the post where I talked about my crush, you’d also see more people telling me how they somehow know my own feelings better than me, but it’s been on an older iteration of my blog and frankly, I can’t be arsed to dig it up right now.
It’s actually funny how people have no issue with believing that a map can find a child hot in a sexual way, but as soon as you talk about romantic feelings they put their fingers in their ears and scream “lalala, I can’t hear you” because romantic feelings are harder to twist into slander.
Also, I have to tell you, that thing about being attracted to all kids is just laughably off. Even if it were a fetish it would still be off because that wouldn’t change the fact that children are individual people and not a uniform archetype.
I’d tell you about my preferences o make my case seem more genuine but I don’t think you’d wanna know what I find attractive and what not.
Also to debunk your other theory on where pedophilia comes from. I have to disappoint you again. I was never abused as a child. And being around children as a father of 6 will not make anybody into a pedophile either.
The most common theory is that there is a genetic predisposition and significant childhod events can increase the chance of that manifesting.
So really similar to the homosexuality.
Oh and ace maps exist as well. Even in this community. But@thewerewolfmap can tell you more about what it’s like to be an ace map than me.
I’ve seen plenty of MAPs talking about their romantic attractions and their crushes, I’ve talked about my crushes a lot in the past.
Yes I do have romantic attractions to kids, I do have crushes and I have fallen in love with kids. Just like conba-hami my feelings for one of my crushes were strong enough to persist even after they grew out of my AoA despite me being romantically exclusive.
So, your fetish argument is thouroughly debunked.
@oilycourse I’m an adult attracted to adults, it’s called teleiophilia and is a chronophilia just like pedophilia. I’m also a fetishist, I like boots. My attraction to people is based on their body shapes and personality features, my attraction to boots is based on the feelings of clarity and power I associate with them. These are different things, age based attractions are not fetishes.
Also, I didn’t choose my fetishes, either. I’ve had a fascination with mind control at least since I was 4, and my disability fetish popped up right when puberty started. I tried for years not to admit that I had a fetish and to push it away, but it didn’t work.
I have found very little evidence that people can willingly change their fetishes. Fetishes can sometimes shift involuntarily, or you can find a new way to express them, or have an ebb and flow in the intensity, but the people who claim they’ve changed their fetish willingly are extremely rare, while the people who claim they tried super hard to stop having a fetish and it didn’t work are very common.
In the ABDL community, there’s a thing called the binge-purge cycle, where the person spends a ton of money buying diapers and other stuff for their fetish, uses it for awhile, and then decides to throw it all out and stop having this fetish. And then a few months later, they end up buying all that stuff again.
I don’t get the big deal with the debate about whether pedophilia is a fetish or an orientation, because to me it doesn’t matter. Both are unchosen and unchangeable features of sexuality for the vast majority of people.

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