Child-on-child sex

Anonymous asked:
Not a pedophile! I’m 14, im just geniuely curious could you answer me? If your response doesn’t get eaten of course
Gah, sorry anon. All considered you have to understand how creepy the initial ask looks. I’ve edited my response to give more detail, but I’ll try to give a real response to the parts I can. Generally I’m not qualified to talk about this, though.
My opinion is that kids can have consensual sex with someone of the same age even as preschoolers.
One of my earliest memories was of me and a male friend, both of us around 3 or 4 years old, going into the bathroom together, stripping naked and touching each other’s genitalia. It was his idea, and it didn’t bother me in the slightest. Psych research has also found that it’s fairly typical and not a big problem for young children to engage in sexual play with kids the same age as them:
Generally, childhood sexual play is only an issue if it’s nonconsensual, involves a large age difference between participants, or is unusually intense or obsessive (any actual penetration would probably be a cause for concern, for example, although more a sign of problems than a cause of them).
Once puberty hits, sexual contact between kids is of course a lot more common, and more intense. But again, the same three criteria reflect what would be a cause for concern – teens who’ve had nonconsensual sex, sex with someone much older, and/or full penetration in early puberty are at higher risk of psychological problems.
To be honest, OP, it struck me as odd that you’d assume that someone who says kids under 15 can have sex, without mentioning the age of their partners, is automatically talking about sex with adults. Even if anon was older, they could simply be acknowledging that consensual peer sexual activities are possible.

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