The perfectionism test that isn’t

tlbodine: “dr-pepper-cryptid: “ wonderfulmangotea: “ yourhiddenfolder: “ benapickle-cucumbersnatched: “ education: “Take The Test Now!” Oh man, I got 11/12! ” “You’re an extreme perfectionist. You were clearly very annoyed by the small...
Oh man, I got 11/12!
“You’re an extreme perfectionist. You were clearly very annoyed by the small inconsistencies in this quiz because you spotted a lot of them.“
Its more of a “how observant are you”
Though the 2 I got wrong surprised me and annoyed me
I only got 3 right
This irritates me.
In my experience OCD has roughly zero percent to do with observation skills and 100% to do with “if you do not conform to the strange magical thought rules your brain has established, you are a bad person and bad things will happen.”
And, yes, sometimes (but not always) those magical thought rules are tied up in perfectionist tendencies – but in my experience that’s more like, “if you don’t get this right the consequences will be terrible” and not “oh hey this is wrong.”
Do I sometimes pick up on and adjust small flaws and inconsistencies? Damn right. But it’s self-soothing behavior, a method of imposing order so that I can feel in control.
One’s capacity for noticing details has zero correlation to one’s likelihood of being OCD.
Rant over.
Yes, this is not a test of OCD or perfectionism (which are not the same thing). It’s a test of detail-oriented perception. (Which, by the way, is associated with autism.)
Note that the test never assesses how you feel about any of these differences. That’s essential for assessing either OCD or perfectionism. A perfectionist is likely to find these annoying and want them all to match. A person with OCD either won’t care (there’s a lot more individual variation in what sets off OCD symptoms, to the point where you really can’t find one thing that will bother even the majority of people with OCD), or will have irrational catastrophic thoughts about what will go wrong if they don’t fix it 100 times in a row until it finally feels ‘right’.

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