Tell me what you’re working on!

I’m realizing as I see other writeblrs talk about their characters that I really don’t know what most of you are writing. (Or I did at one point and it’s hard to keep straight.) I’d love to become more familiar with your projects! I’m unfortunately an anxious introvert who’s too afraid to initiate conversations and I’m pretty sure the times I’m on Tumblr aren’t when anyone else is so I miss a lot of posts.

So I’m wondering if I could get all you writers to reblog this post and ramble about your characters? Or link me to a bio page for them if you have one? Or a page about your stories in general if you have that? If you want to, of course!

Please help out a curious person who stinks at talking to people. Even if we haven’t talked, I would love to hear your ramblings! 💚

I reblogged this several times before I got deleted, but I’ve got some new WIPs lately.

Firstly, there’s the soulmate pee story, Finding Love Through Pee. It’s a soulmate story where when you need to pee, your soulmate does too, inspired by a prompt I found on an omorashi blog a long time ago.

I wrote a little open-ended oneshot about it, and I was planning to leave it at that, but when I posted it on AO3 just recently, I got a bunch of kudos and two subscriptions on it (the most attention any story of mine has gotten on there), so I figured people wanted more. I’ve written two more chapters so far, and now it’s starting to get me interested, too.

The main characters are Ally, the bisexual protagonist; her aromantic best friend Lisa (who doesn’t have a soulmate and has mixed feelings about it); and her newly discovered soulmate, Sera, who’s a lesbian. I’m really interested to see how they get along. So far, Lisa is angsting about fearing that Ally will abandon her, while Ally and Sera are awkwardly trying to get to know each other.

I’ve also been working on a story for Diapercember. Diapercember is a set of 30 ageplay/diaper-related prompts. I’ve got a couple characters in one of my stories named Nick and Zoldrak.

At the end of that story, Nick’s mind has been scrambled by the protagonist, and his friend and detective partner Zoldrak flees town with him to protect him. I’m using the Diapercember prompts (except for a few that are completely inapplicable) to write about Zoldrak taking care of Nick afterwards.

Hopefully I’ll get that done in time to post them come December. I’m still trying to decide whether to post them in chronological order or prompt order. Currently I’m leaning towards posting them in prompt order but arranged chronologically – AO3 lets you insert chapters anywhere, not just at the end. I’m writing them in chronological order, though.


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