High functioning Down Syndrome?

This is dope!
Isn’t this only true of a minority of people with downs syndrome? Like, the downs syndrome kids at my high school couldn’t even string together full sentences as teenagers and needed full-time supervision.
I wouldn’t say minority, but certainly DS has a spectrum. The average IQ for people with DS is 50, and the outcomes they describe here are pretty typical for people with IQs of 50-70 ish and good social support. People with DS who don’t have as high an IQ or don’t get the right kind of support will struggle more.
I would also like to point out that people with DS typically have a specific weakness in expressive language (to the point where some researchers compare them to people with Broca’s aphasia), which means judging their intelligence by whether they can ‘string together full sentences as teenagers’ is not going to be very accurate.
And lastly, children with DS appear to be even more sensitive to the Pygmalion effect than most children, and it’s a big deal in general. So if you’re going to err in telling a new parent what to expect, it’s a lot safer for the child if you err in favor of overestimating their potential.

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