Bisexuals’ violence victimization

and-bisexual: “socialistexan: “ desushrekmachina: “ What’s funny about this is that lesbians have the highest rate of domestic abuse in their relationships. So maybe she’s talking about the wlw incels on here ” Nope, you’re wrong. Lesbian and bi...
What’s funny about this is that lesbians have the highest rate of domestic abuse in their relationships.
So maybe she’s talking about the wlw incels on here
Nope, you’re wrong. Lesbian and bi women face the highest percentage of violence, but much more of that comes from bi women (61% reporting violence) than from lesbians (43%). Of that 43%, 67% of lesbians (not bi women, just lesbians) report the violence came from a woman, meaning only 28% comes from exclusively lesbian relationship, which would be the lowest percentage of any group excluding heterosexual men* (26%).
Heterosexual men tend to also under report domestic violence due to social stigma, so that percentage may be higher.
However, all of this is completely besides the point being made, which is addressing the toxic way men who call themselves “incels” think of women. These are men that respond to normal sexual rejection with violence and expect women to obey them which would only translate to violence in a relationship. All you’re doing is some bullshit whataboutism.
um holy shit? Yes to all of the above about incels, of course. But also, I looked up the data, and can we just talk about this for one second:
“Approximately 1 in 8 lesbians (13.1%), nearly half of bisexual women (46.1%), and 1 in 6 heterosexual women (17.4%) have been raped in their lifetime.”
That’s almost three times the prevalence among bi women as EITHER straight women or lesbians
The 2010 CDC study also found that “61% of women who identify as bi report experiencing rape, physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner, and 90% of their perpetrators were male.
“In comparison, 44% of lesbians and 35% heterosexual women in the study had experienced domestic violence. Why is domestic violence so outrageously high for bisexual women in particular? And why do people have a hard time hearing this information at all, much less responding to it?
“The stats for bisexual men are disturbing in a whole different way. Thirty-seven percent of bi men reported sexually abusive intimate relationships (compared to 26% of gay men and 29% of het men).
“Moreover, 78% of these bisexual men reported that they were abused by women.”
where do i get a shirt that says “save the bisexuals”
I suspect biphobia within relationships explains a lot of this.
You’re pretty unlikely to end up in a same-gender relationship with a homophobe. But bisexuals can easily end up in a relationship with a biphobe, whether in a same-gender or opposite-gender relationship.
The fact that it’s mostly perpetrated by men is probably two things. First, bi women are more likely to have male partners anyway, because there are more men attracted to them than women since straights are the majority. Secondly, straight men are more likely than wlw to be biphobic – both because bi women are more common than lesbians and because lesbians are less biphobic on average than straight guys.

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