Sometimes good posts are made by annoying people so I’ll help out


These are Safe Shorts. They were made by Sandra Seilz after someone attempted to rape her. If the fabric is torn, an alarm will be sounded.


This is the Rape-aXe, invented by a South African doctor by the name of 

Sonnet Ehlers. After interviewing a rape victim who wished she had teeth down there, she made this. If someone’s penis is inserted and pulled back out, the teeth will sink in, and can only be removed by a doctor.


The Killer Tampon (couldn’t find a site for it), made by retired anaesthetist Jaap Haumann. When penetration takes place, the sharp end will slice the offending appendage.


The Anti-Rape Belt (also couldn’t find a site), made by a group of Swedish teenagers led by Nadja Björk. It requires two hands to undo.


Anti-Rape Underwear/Bra (once again), as made by a group of Indian students. Will deliver an electric shock when met with unwanted advances, as well as sounding an alarm.


Undercover Colours. Made by 4 male undergraduates at North Carolina U, they change colours when in contact with chemicals or drugs that cause unconsciousness. Used in case you’re wary that your drink has been roofied.

These are just tools to help, but in addition to being mindful of your situations and staying safe, they can help when the worst happens.

Stay safe.

ok, those are all kind of awesome. i wish they weren’t needed, bit still…awesome solutions.

I feel more comfortable reblogging this version

RapeAxe has a gofund me up that barely has 700 dollars. I feel like the inventions that havent even been funded yet should be linked to the page you can support them at.

RapeAxe- website which links their gofundme

As of this reblog, Rape-aXe needs to raise $308,537. If you can’t help fund it, please reblog?

The RapeAxe has good intentions but it’s a terrible, terrible idea. For one thing, either it’s stiff enough that no one is going to want to walk around with it in, or it’s soft enough to either not work or for the teeth to cut through the outside and hurt the user. Second, rapists aren’t idiots and after this thing gets in the news they will know to look for them, and they’re presumably not impossible to remove. Third, an injured rapist is an angry rapist and will probably kill someone who uses this thing.

As for the electric underwear, please consider that the wearer of the underwear would ALSO have to be touching it.

Just take jujitsu. All fighting comes down to ground fighting and this martial art is specifically designed for people who are smaller and weaker than their attackers.

Also carry knives and guns. The only way to make rape stop is to have the criminals be afraid of their victims.

Jujitsu, great move. I’d say don’t carry knives and guns if a) it’s illegal in your area or b) you aren’t very confident in your ability to use them, because if you can’t use them properly all that will happen is the attacker will take them off you and use them on you instead. But even that’s a better idea than either shoving sharp objects up your crotch or the stupid electric underwear – how did someone have enough knowledge of electricity to make that without realising WHY it’s a bad idea?

Also, learn to track how much you’re drinking and how much of an effect it’s likely to have on you. Roofies are rarely actually used in real life, because just the untainted alcohol is usually enough to incapacitate someone, so the nail varnish isn’t much use either.

If you are training with guns, which every person legally capable of owning them should, its important to note that most ballistic interpersonal conflicts occur within 7 to 5 feet (2 meters). Get fast and accurate at that distance.

Also, it is not at all easy to take a knife from someone. Not from someone who has even the slightest idea of what to do with it.

Generally those aren’t gonna help you either, though, because at least seventy-five percent of rapes are not committed by strangers on the street, so unless you wanna have spikes shoved up your crotch 24/7 in your own home none of these will help.

I’m sorry, I’m still boggling at the stupid electric underwear. Even if it was lined with rubber, there would still be the probability of the user’s arm or leg touching the outside, and they’re going to get it stronger than the attacker because it’s right next to their skin and not through both their outerwear and the attacker’s own clothing (and most criminals are smart enough to wear gloves when committing crimes). The very best it can do is not be strong enough to have any effect. The worst is set up ridiculous scenarios where it shocks the wearer unconscious and thus makes it even easier for the attacker to proceed!

I know how to take a knife from someone. It’s actually not that hard. They taught us how in karate.


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