30 Days of Kink: Day 2

Full prompt: Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you.  Basically define your kinky self for us.

It’s all interlinked, but here are some elements I generally like:

Mind control, especially when it isn’t just body puppets. Mind control that forces you to obey their orders is nice, but if you start controlling thoughts, breaking things, etc, that’s way more interesting. I also love when the mind control goes wrong (but not because of the victim’s willpower – I absolutely hate when someone beats a challenge by pure willpower). I like when the person is believing contradictory things and can’t resolve the conflict, so they wind up really confused. I also like misunderstood orders, or orders taken literally. And I like triggers if they’re easy to run into accidentally and aren’t too fetishy. For example, a trigger phrase like “who’s mommy baby boy?” causing wetting really doesn’t work for me, but a trigger like “good morning” would. People not knowing or denying they’re mind controlled is also fun, especially when they’re trying to explain their actions.

Incontinence. I prefer urinary, because poop is gross, but I’m down with both. Dribbling isn’t very interesting, nor is holding until you can’t. I prefer characters voiding a large amount as soon as they feel the urge. Either as a reflex response, or because they no longer understand toilet training – either is good. For bowel, diarrhea is not good, I much prefer normal stools passed involuntarily. I don’t like too much emphasis on the results of the incontinence, just clean that stuff up without much commentary, please. I especially don’t like playing with or (ugh) eating pee or poop. And I don’t like unrealistic amounts, either. I really strongly like when someone is in the process of peeing themselves and realizing that they can’t stop it, they can’t even slow it down. Or peeing themselves and being confused about why their pants/diaper/whatever is getting wet. (I also don’t care if they wear diapers or not, or what kind.) I prefer daytime incontinence to nighttime, because I like seeing the character’s reaction as it happens.

Neurocognitive impairments. Aphasia, agnosia, apraxia, other cognitive impairments, all of those are fun. I like someone trying to talk and what they say doesn’t make sense, whether it’s word salad or echolalia, dysfluent speech, jargoning, or just making nonspeech sounds like moaning or grunting. I like someone not understanding others’ speech, either. I like their aphasia to affect all modes of communication available to them, so they can’t just switch to another modality to compensate. I also like focus on the underlying mental reasons for the aphasia, like someone trying to remember how to talk and they just can’t, or someone not knowing how communication works.

For agnosia, I like visual agnosia especially, although auditory is cool too. I like someone knowing that they should know what that thing is, but they don’t. I like agnosia interfering with getting stuff done, like not being able to use the toilet because you can’t tell what is a toilet. I also like people not being able to tell speech from ambient noise, so they ignore someone talking to them. I also like agnosia for internal sensations, especially not knowing what the feeling means when they need to pee.

For apraxia, I really like it affecting self-care activities. I like procedural motor issues a lot better than just clumsiness. I’d rather they fail because they were trying to do the wrong thing, or just blanked on how to start the movement, rather than because their movements were actually clumsy. I like the person trying to think through an action and realizing they can’t even remember how to do the thing. I also like them watching someone else and not being able to imitate the movement, or maybe even recognize what it is they’re doing.

For other cognitive issues, I like people not having theory of mind, not being able to think symbolically, not understanding what numbers are, being unable to plan, not being able to imagine the future, etc. I like trying to imagine how someone sees the world with a basic aspect of cognition missing. I like people knowing there’s something they’re not getting, but not being able to understand what it is. I’m also not a big fan of amnesia, I prefer them remembering but not understanding.

Paralysis. I like paralysis or spasticity, without any loss of sensation. I like someone trying to move and their body won’t respond, or trying to move and doing jerky reflexive movements, like the posturing associated with brain injuries. But this is kind of a lesser interest. I also like someone being too sick to move, like Superman with Kryptonite.

Speaking of Superman, I tend to prefer powerful victims, usually male. Physical strength, magic power, political power, doesn’t really matter what. I like the victim to be more powerful than the perpetrator, except for the specific way that the victim gets them. And I like them to lose all their power in the process.


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