30 Days of Kink: Day 3 redux

How did you discover that you were kinky?

I have not been able to find my original response to this, but given that it’s a question about the past, not much has changed.

I was working on a story that featured a character with incontinence, and in the process of trying to research it, I’d stumbled across the ABDL community. On this particular day, as we went on a road trip for my Mom’s job interview, I got sucked into reading ABDL fics, even though I knew that it was fiction and therefore not relevant to actual research. But for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to stop. And I felt a strange feeling, almost like I had my period and was leaking, but when I checked, my period wasn’t due for awhile and the liquid coming out was clear and very slippery. The lightbulb went off, and I realized that this feeling I was feeling was sexual arousal.

Up until this moment, as far as I knew, I was completely asexual, so this came as a big shock. I also felt very ashamed and freaked out, and it took awhile to get to the point of acceptance that I’ve reached now. My Tumblr actually helped quite a bit, especially finding the kink-positive and non-offending MAP communities on Tumblr.


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