30 Days of Kink: Day 6

Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

Ugh, I hate questions that ask me to describe my ‘most’ (insert descriptor here) anything. I guess I’ll just toss out some of the weirder ones I’ve had.

Um, a psychic vampire who drains abilities from people based on whatever they were doing at the time. This story opened in a bathroom with the psychic vampire accidentally feeding from a girl who’s main focus was not wetting herself while she waited for a stall to free up. When the vampire fed on her, she wet herself and forgot what peeing and pooping were and what bathrooms were for. Next victim was talking to a friend in class, and forgot that speech is used for communication. It kinda got bogged down around then.

Also, a story where a woman with an ABDL Caregiver fetish kidnapped a vampire and accidentally got a magophage (magic-eating people I have a whole series planned about) as well. Their captor puts the vampire in a locking diaper, calls him baby, feeds him blood in a bottle, etc. Meanwhile, to curry favor with her, the magophage secretly makes the vampire incontinent, and does various other things to him, all the while plotting escape. She eventually does escape with the vampire, but he never fully recovers from what she did to him. (Certainly, his continence isn’t coming back.)

And I have a series featuring a pirate queen who gets her soul shredded by a spell she invented being used on her. The first book is relatively normal, I think – it’s from the perspective of one of her victims, who finds her and takes pity on her and becomes her caregiver. The second book is weird. The pirate queen winds up in the care of her younger sister, who is in denial about how awful she was, and is determined to cure her. She starts lending her sister her soul and together (communicating by notes) they work to find a cure. Luckily for the pirate, a couple of her former underlings come looking for her on the orders of the new boss, to make sure she’s dead, and the sister uses a sleep spell  to take them prisoner. The pirate queen then starts draining their prisoners’ souls to replace her own, while her sister denies or ignores all the signs that this is happening. It’s a real challenge, writing a character declining mentally from the perspective of someone who’s deeply in denial about it.

Oh, and this one inspired by a story prompt I came across on an omorashi blog. Two characters (the original had them be soulmates, but I don’t like the idea of soulmates) are linked by the bladder. When one needs to pee, the other does too, with the same level of urgency. And if one pees, the other will too. I’m thinking of having a story where the two are trying to go about their ordinary separate lives, but whenever one goes to the bathroom quicker than the other, the other one wets herself. And then maybe one of them figures out how to assert dominance over their link, and now the other one can only pee when the dominant chooses to?


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