Friendly reminder that if you follow up ‘harassing other people is bad’ with ‘unless’ or ‘but’, you don’t actually think harassment is bad. You think it’s bad unless the ‘right’ people are being harassed. 

Sorry miss fujoshi have you forgotten about nazis and pedos?

Don’t call me ‘miss’ and if you’ll look at the OPs tags, it’s about shipping.

I don’t think nazis or pedos should be harassed, either.

Nazis, if they are just expressing Nazi ideology, should be either no-platformed or argued with, depending on what you have the stomach for. If they are actually committing hate crimes, they should be arrested and sent to jail. Either way, harassment is useless and cruel (having terrible opinions doesn’t erase your humanity) and too prone to being misdirected to be worth the risk.

Pedos even more so, because pedophilia is an unchosen attraction. A non-offending pedophile deserves to either be supported, or if they trigger you, just avoid them. Harassment won’t change someone’s sexual orientation, and that’s true for pedophiles as much as for anyone else.

Meanwhile, child molestors deserve to be put in jail and kept away from potential victims. Harassment won’t protect anyone from them.


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