30 Days of Kink: Day 7

What’s your favorite toy?

As in sex toy? Nothing. I don’t own any sex toys, regular or kinky.

Well, unless you count my phone – most of the fetish erotica I read is on my phone. But I use my phone for so many things. I wouldn’t really call it a toy, even, because it’s so essential to my everyday life. It’s basically a piece of assistance equipment, with a bunch of apps to help me function independently.

But back to sex toys. I’ve wondered if I should get one, but I don’t react normally to genital stimulation. I’ve never been able to get much success with masturbation. I have no idea if any sex toys would be useful for me. Which gives me a dilemma – I’d hate to buy a toy and realize it’s useless to me, so part of me wants to try before I buy, but is it safe/sanitary to borrow someone else’s sex toy? I have no idea.

As for kink-related toys, what would that even look like? My fetish doesn’t really link to any particular objects in any major way.


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