Someone on a server I’m on posted a long post about how lack of sex ed makes children more vulnerable to sexual abuse, and then linked to a post from the author where they…. use the word “ephebophile” (b/c you know, ppl using that word to “excuse” creepy behaviour towards adolescents) and I have the most horrible feeling that they think sex ed is somehow a abuser strategy to make children more vulnerable.





“Ephebophile,” along with “hebephile,” “chronophile,” “MAP,” etc are clinical terms. They are not “excusing behaviours,” they are used to denote clinically significant differences in the presentation of paraphilic symptoms. Sexual attraction to a toddler is a very different clinical issue than sexual attraction to a 14 year old, even if both would be child molestation and CSA if acted upon. 

Much like treating depression requires similar but distinct protocols from treating bipolar disorder with more pronounced depressive episodes, treating different approximate age-sets of chronophilias requires different protocols.

The correct and appropriate use of clinical terminology should never undercut someone’s authority.

At any rate, sex education has been shown to be a valuable protective tool for reducing the risk of CSA, and reducing the longevity of it if it does occur, thanks to children being better able to report. For adolescents, sex education that improves one’s sense of self worth by combatting sex-negative messages helps to prevent risk seeking behaviours and reduce vulnerability to long term predation.

Feel free to provide your server with those links. I would hate to see them continue to labour under this misapprehension that ultimately puts children at greater risk.

I’m pretty sure MAP isn’t a clinical term. Most people have some level of attraction to minors in a country where the age of consent is set past the end of puberty for the vast majority of people in the country (which I think should be the case in all countries, though relationships between people who are going through puberty shouldn’t be banned).

As far as I can tell, MAP is a loose political coalition of people who consider their attraction to minors to be a significant component of their sexuality, which I would guess to be mostly people with clinical pedophilia or hebephilia, but also non-paraphilic people who are especially anxious about or otherwise fixated on their attraction to fully pubescent minors.

Anyway, as far as I can recall (and I’m not looking it up because any relevant tags will be choked with suicide baiting etc), the term was coined by MAPs and has no clinical background. If you know any clinical sources that use it, please point me in their direction–online is obviously best but paywalled, print, etc are also valid.

“MAP” is a clinical term used to group nepiophiles (infants), pedophiles (children), hebephiles (adolescents), and ephebephiles (post-adolescent minors) together when addressing common causes, needs and techniques to prevent these disparate but related groups from harming children.

Your sources check out; thank you for addressing my concern.

I am so glad someone actually checks sources and adjusts their opinions in response! It’s so refreshing!


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