Yanno, now more than ever it needs to be said.

Fandom and social justice culture towards media needs to include recognizing the difference between executive censorship/suppression, and queerbaiting/intentional use of toxic tropes.

If creators are talking about how they’d never make characters gay and laughing at the idea, but think it’s great to add in shit to keep teasing it, that’s queerbaiting.

If creators talk about how Representation is important to them and they want to do it, but the people holding the purse strings and owning copyrights keep limiting what they can do or outright vetoing it, that’s executive censorship and suppression.

The former is the writers. The latter is proof that the executives are at worst conservative assholes and at best are willing to do censorship for the sake of what they think will drive profit margins, and do you know what happens to that when the conservative moral purity types boycott or kvetch about things because the creators got in SOMETHING queer/not-racist/etc AND the rest of us boycott/turn on it because it “wasn’t pure enough”?

It becomes “And this is why it’s not worth letting creators put in Representation, it’s risky, we should tell them no because it’ll kill profits”. Which leads to more “well we wanted to but the people with the money/authority on whether we got to make the thing at all are banning it”.

Define “adding shit to keep teasing it”?


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