30 Days of Kink: Day 8 redux

Post a kinky image you find erotic. Briefly describe what arouses you most in the image.

Last time, I posted a picture of Trevor and Nick, the MC and one of the antagonists in one of my first kink-inspired stories. Trevor is an 11 year old boy symbiotically possessed by a magophage, a spirit being that eats magic, and he mostly feeds on vampires. Nick is a vampire who works as a slayer-hunter, which brings him into conflict with Trevor. When they confront each other, Trevor accidentally discovers that magophages can scramble the minds of vampires, and ends up keeping a mentally impaired Nick prisoner for awhile while he figures out how to use this power to turn Nick against his allies. Here’s the picture:


This time, I think I’ll post this picture:


I found a set of instructions online on how to bind your own hardback book, and I’ve bound my top five favorite AO3 stories there. (And I’m planning to bind a lot more.)

The story I’m holding open is part 1 and 2 of Snowflake, a One Direction fanfic where Niall Horan is kidnapped and mentally regressed by Zayn and Liam Malik-Payne, who live in a remote community designed for people who like to forcibly mentally regress adults, along with their friends and neighbors Louis and Serena Tomlinson and their forcibly regressed child Harry. That’s probably the most purely kink-appeal story in the list for me. It starts out with just trying to beat and restrain them into submission, which isn’t really my thing, but then it introduces a regression drug and I love how it affects Niall and Harry. (Part 3 is still a work in progress – I’ll probably bind it, too, once it’s finished.)

The two bright pink polkadot books are Eat Rotten Fruit, a Stucky (Steve/Bucky) fanfic focused on Bucky recovering from being the Winter Soldier; and Of Broken Chains and Shattered Lives, a Kingsman A/B/O fanfic where Omegas, including Eggsy, are enslaved.

Eat Rotten Fruit, as well as being one of the best portrayals of trauma recovery I’ve ever read, also has kink appeal for me in Bucky’s triggers – tastes, song lyrics, etc that he is programmed to respond to in certain ways, including blindness, paralysis, inability to speak, and others.

Of Broken Chains and Shattered Lives isn’t as strongly kink-appeal for me – it’s more just a really well-written story with intriguing worldbuilding – but the kink-appeal elements for me are the D/s play that Eggsy finds out that he enjoys, as well as lots and lots of whump.

The floral pattern book is Hatchling, a Supernatural fanfic where Castiel convinces Dean Winchester to let him turn him into an angel. During the process of turning, the new angel, known as a Hatchling, experiences age regression. The story has incontinence and emotional immaturity on the part of Dean, and I love how even though it’s consensual, Dean fights the regression process, making it very clear that he is genuinely regressing rather than just choosing to act younger. It’s also got some really nice whump, including Kryptonite factor whump, which is one of my favorites.

Lastly, the grey polkadot book is everyone needs a chance to be small, another Marvel fanfic featuring Steve and Bucky. In this one, Steve helps Clint and later Bucky cope with the aftermath of mind control by engaging in ageplay with them. Although the ageplay itself is too realistic and deliberate to be very kink-appeal for me, both Clint and Bucky experience incontinence and other aftermath from mind control that are very much kink-appeal for me. In addition, as an autistic person, I love how this story explores themes of neurodiversity and internalized ableism, especially the ableist equation of adulthood with neurotypicality. I also love how this story tackles asexuality, polyamory, and kink acceptance.


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