y’all ever see a sibling interaction in media and just know….it was written by an only child

It’s weird when sibilings apologize in the movies. Because sibilings only apologize when they did something really really bad, like murder someone or something, otherwise the sibilings just casually start to talk to each other as if nothing had happened.

Siblings in a movie making up: I’m so sorry I hurt you…you’re not only my sister, you’re my best friend.

Siblings in real life making up: Lmao idk if you’re still mad bitch but look at this meme really quick.

Yeah, we get as far as, “Sorry, I was a dick. I’ll try to be less of a dick” if it was really bad.

Or maybe the author actually likes their siblings? I apologize to my brother if I do something that hurts him, because he *is* my best friend. And I’m sick of people erasing the existence of siblings who actually get along.


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