btw that research terfy folks love to cite that says “most kids who say they’re trans grow up to be cis, gay, and gnc”

did that research count nonbinary people at all? if it did, how many people grew up not to identify as what used to be called “transsexual,” but rather as nonbinary? how many of the people who didn’t transition medically are cisgender and how many are just… not on hormones?

because i have never taken t but i’m still pretty sure i actually don’t fit any binary well, and never have

Most of that research doesn’t even distinguish between AMAB kids who say “I’m a girl, and I hate my penis, Mommy when can I have it cut off” and AMAB kids who say “I’m a boy who likes girl stuff, can I have a dress?” (The latter being far more common.)

No big surprise that most of those kids aren’t trans in adulthood, when most of them never were trans to begin with. The majority of the kids in those studies who grow up to be cis GNC adults were clearly cis GNC kids, and never even claimed to be non-cis.


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