30 Days of Kink: Day 15 redux

Write about a BDSM/kink activity you’re curious about and would like to try.

Last time, I listed three things – being an ageplay caregiver, having my partner roleplay disabilities, and making videos where we pretend I’m doing mind control.

More and more, I’m thinking that trying to be an ageplay caregiver would be forcing a round peg in a square hole. I find some ageplay stories hot, but not for the same reasons that most ageplayers do, and the people I’ve met who want an ageplay caregiver are generally looking for someone who very much isn’t like me. I’m not the nurturing Mommy Dom type. My Dom persona is cold, heartless and cruel, and I don’t want to be called ‘Mommy’ by anyone other than my actual child.

I definitely want to try having a partner roleplay disabilities, though. I’ve done that in online role-play, as well as in childhood pretend play, and although reality doesn’t necessarily work the way I’d expect, I am pretty confident that engaging in IRL kink play where my partner roleplays disabilities would be very hot to me.

Making videos, too, sounds like fun, although I do get self-conscious at times. I definitely would like to roleplay mind control, too, though I don’t think I’m interested in erotic hypnosis. Again, while erotic hypnosis can be really hot, I expect trying to do it myself would be a round peg square hole thing.

Other things I want to try:

Doing a bondage + impact play scene with me as the top. Real simple and basic, but I’ve never done it and I know I would enjoy it.

Getting someone to read aloud one of the kink stories I have written. I hate the sound of my own voice, but I’ve found that podfics are more intense for me than just reading it, so I think I’d find it super hot to listen to a podfic of Magdalena’s Lovers or The Bladder Poppet, or any other story of mine focused on one of my fetishes.

Playing Consentacle (a cooperative card game about consensual human-alien sex) with someone. I don’t think I’d find it hot, per say, but I do think it would be fun and a valuable experience. Unfortunately no one I know IRL is interested.

Going to a high protocol party (as a Dom, of course). I don’t think I’d like to do that sort of thing all the time, but it would be interesting to experience.


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