“Antis” literally operate in the same vein as those pro-life douchebags who would rather a living woman suffer than a possibly viable fetus be terminated.

1) Each is highly concerned about hypothetical children being harmed.

E.g. “That fetus could grow up to be president!”/ “An impressionable minor could read that fic and think (bad thing) is normal and okay!”

2) Each targets actual, currently existing people for harassment because “they don’t have morals”.

E.g. “you’re murdering your baby!” / “you are causing pedos to molest kids!”

3) Each believes in viciously punishing individuals as normal and okay, and refuses to look at other options to reduce harm.

E.g. Campaigning to outright ban abortions, instead of finding out why unwanted pregnancies happen in the first place and supporting folks in family planning / attacking ao3 and attempting to destroy its income instead of raising money to set up their own archive

4) Both operate with exceedingly us-or-them tactics, and frame “winning” as a question of base morality. Have no compunctions about sending threats to people they feel are “on the wrong side”.

E.g. Sending those lovely suicide bait messages (both sides do this one 😉

And while once upon a time I was most concerned with the pro-lifers bc they are involved in political action, I’m also starting to worry about antis because the stuff I have seen recently includes tactics modded from the alt right

On the off chance that this small blog still has enough hate-followers for this to take off:

If this post made you angry, that is part of the point.

What we are seeing, not only in fandom but in the political sphere, is mind viruses.

In the modern internet world, evoking intense emotion (whether or not there’s any validity to the argument itself) is the fastest way to spread an idea from person to person

And even if you know how a mind virus works, it can still get under your skin

Fetuses aren’t “hypothetical children”. They really exist and are alive. Equating an actual living person with a fictional character makes you sound a lot more like an anti, OP.


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