I’ve seen a very large amount of “the only way to save the world is to BRING ABOUT REVOLUTION” takes lately, and I just…. they never have any way to go about it suggested (and even often say “voting isn’t enough”), and like… these are coming from what I usually think of as reasonable people, assuming that a possibly-violent otherwise-unspecified Revolution is somehow going to save us. It’s kind of worrying.




I mean, I absolutely share the concern that the structure of our society has become totally untenable. But.

Leaving aside the hazards of doing anything that damages our already flagging infrastructure, having a feasible revolution that leaves you with a place to live afterwards has to follow the same principles as electing a feasible third-party candidate.

Your neighbors have to already know and agree with you, or it won’t work.

I would like these people to go out of their front door and look around and talk to these neighbors. See those American flags on porches? Those are people who are often conservative or “politically moderate”, whatever that means any more. They are invested in going about their daily lives and raising their children.

They will likely oppose revolution and support martial law (under the extant regime) over revolution unless and until they are absolutely assured that this new regime these people are talking about will bring them stability and not harm their kids.

Which means that in order to organize a revolution, an actual revolution and not just a bloody and brief conflict in which a bunch of leftist activists are slaughtered to send a message to anyone else who might want to try it:

(a) it has to actually be stable for people’s kids! Keeping everyday people’s lives running has to be a central strategic focus!

(b) talking to your neighbors and bringing them into the loop has to be a central tactical focus for getting started! A majority of people have to agree with or be willing to go along with what you’re doing!

One of the primary objectives of alt-right astroturfing on fake leftist blogs is to keep leftists from thinking realistically or doing any of the things necessary to succeed.

Y’all wanna start a revolution, get involved with your community. We keep saying it. Go talk to people. Go to the town hall meetings, go to your co-ops and your churches, talk to the people who you don’t think matter. Talk to the moms and dads, the grandparents, aunts, uncles, the 9-5s, the graveyard and swing shifts. Find out what they need. Figure out how to get it for them.

When you have the everyday folk behind your back, you have an army.

if your ‘revolution’ means a grassroots upwelling of anti-corruption progressive politics, then hell yeah, i’m all for it.

if your ‘revolution’ means getting a lot of people killed, wrecking infrastructure, folks starving, dead kids, disease outbreaks, and all the other things that war always means no matter how righteous your fucking principles are, then your ideas are even worse than the shit dribbling out of the white house right now, and that is hard to do.

unfuck yourself, ‘woke’ side. stop trying to be a post-apocalyptic hero and do the WORK that is in front of you.

“But when you talk about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out”


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