Dissertation Research: Tumblr, Language, & Political-Ethical Practice



I’m a
graduate student in linguistic anthropology conducting doctoral
dissertation research – the focus of which is the different ways people use
language on specific social media platforms and how that relates (or not) to
political and ethical stances and practices.

I’ve created
a questionnaire that asks about political-ethical stances, Tumblr, and language and I would
absolutely love to get as many responses as possible.

if you are at all interested, I would be delighted if people would click
through the link below and take my questionnaire 😀 If you can’t or aren’t interested in
taking the questionnaire right now, but would be willing to reblog this post or share the link with any friends who use Tumblr, that
would also be much appreciated!

Click here to access the questionnaire on Tumblr, Language, & Political-Ethical Practice!

**For those of you who took my preliminary survey last year, this is a more fleshed
out version with
some additional and restructured questions. I would be delighted if you
completed this one as well. However, if the idea of doing another survey

sounds just the worst (which, fair enough lol), but you do still want to
participate in my research, simply follow the link and choose the third

option on the introductory page. That will send you to the final page
where there is a list of other ways to participate in this project and
you can check off those in which
you might be interested.

Have any

details can be found on the questionnaire itself and on my FAQ page. You are also welcome to email me (howdoyoutmblr at gmail dot com) or send me an ask/message on my blog.

<333 I am so grateful for any responses that I get and so excited to hear all of your thoughts about this topic!


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