two minutes


borrowing @whump-sprite ‘s oc Anders again.

You have two minutes. He’s tough, that one, downright pain in the ass. I doubt you can pull it off. You make him sorry in two minutes – screaming, begging, get that pissed off look outta his eyes – and you two can rest. Or, if you want, I can keep hurting him until I get bored. And I’ll be pretty entertained getting him to make sounds for me. Might last all night.

You can use your magic on him. No tools. Get creative.

Don’t you think two minutes of pain is better than hours?


Lux does all he can to hide his desperation when he’s returned to the cell, moving to his friend and kneeling before him, thinking. What would make Anders scream. What would make Anders – even thinking it makes him nauseous.

“Hell you doing, Lux?” Anders grinds out, giving him a skeptical look. Lux licks his lips, hands trembling, face carefully neutral. What would make Anders scream? His leg, broken. Fire. Maura.

He can’t give a warning and he can’t say sorry.

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Anders is no fool, is he?


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