30 Days of Kink: Day 19

Any unexpected ways kink has improved your life? If so, what are they?

It got me to get actual feedback and recognition for my writing, for something I was actually inspired and properly interested in writing, and also led me to come up with a plan to actually get published.
I’ve been avoiding sharing my writing because I want to be a published novel author and I’m worried that anything I release online will be unpublishable because it was already published informally. But I also had the impression that I am particularly unlikely to find a publisher interested in my really kinky stories, because they’re so niche and likely to be off-putting to most people.
So I posted a little bit I’d written on the Daily Diapers forum, because it was too kinky for anything else and I really wanted to share something in the story and art forum. And it got a bunch of people begging me to write more about it, so I did. And now I’m nearing the finish of that story and realizing just how badly I missed actually getting feedback about my writing from people who really get what the point of it is.
Also, my repeated searches for terms like ‘forced incontinence mind control’ and ‘forced ABDL’ and ‘ABDL hypnosis’ kept bringing up books available through Amazon. And while I’m unlikely to actually buy those books, they made me realize that if that kinky stuff is getting published on Amazon, maybe my kinky stuff could be getting published too?
And so, just yesterday, I decided to start work on a plan to get my finished works (not all of them kinky) together and publish them on Amazon. Wish me luck!

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