I am seriously skeptical of religion as a whole.

Yet when someone tells me that they are going to pray for me, genuinely, with nothing but love in their hearts, I just smile and say thank you….

…because I’m not an insufferable jackass.

I’m an athiest, but I live in the south so there’s always religion being thrown in my face. For context of this story: I had surgery in July, the fifth in a row for a medical issue I’ve had for two years.

One weekend before my surgery I went and got a facial (let me tell you. if you’ve never had a facial, YOU NEED TO). This was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had, tbh. But my esthetician and I had been talking sometime during my facial that I was having surgery soon. So, at the end, she asked, “Can I pray for you?”

This put me in a damn weird position because I don’t believe in the “power of prayer” as my aunt calls it. So I had two choices: say yes and just go with it, or say no and look like an ass.

So I told her “Yes” and I suppose I expected her to pray for me at a later date? But she prayed for me, with me, right then and there in the room. And honestly?

I bawled.

Look, I don’t believe in a god. I don’t believe that her attempting to contact an entity would have changed my outcome of my surgery at all. But the sheer fact that this woman, whom I’d known for all of an hour while she did my facial, was willing to take 5 minutes out of her day to sit down and use her faith to help me.

Shame on the people who put others down for their willingness to pray for and help them.

Things like this warm my heart. 💕😭

I love this. I was raised by atheists and never thought of people saying “I’ll pray for you" in a bad way. If the person has good intentions, why put them down?

If you insist on praying for me, and I am aware of this fact, you will trigger me.

Especially if you pray in front of me, but even knowing that someone intends to pray for me on their own time is triggering.

If someone says that they are going to pray for me, I will take care of myself and tell them that I don’t feel comfortable with someone praying for me, that I’d rather they not pray for me, but if they really feel the need, at the very least I don’t want to be told about it.

(It just occurred to me that my boundaries about people praying for me are pretty much the same as my boundaries about people masturbating to me, and for pretty much the same reasons.)

It’s not being an insufferable jackass to ask someone not to do something that triggers me in a way that forces me to pay attention to it.


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