The thing about being LGBT+ is, at some point in your childhood, no matter how accepting your parents are, at some point, you have to question: “do they love me unconditionally?” And then you have to plan for the possibility hat the answer is no. And that fucks you up. Straight cis people never have to question that.

meh. straight cis people can run into the same goddamn problem for a long list of other reasons, i’ve seen it to a number of people i know.

my friends have had parents flip shit because they date someone of a particular race and the parents harbor intense racism, or because their kid refuses to follow the career path the parent had in mind for them, sometimes there isn’t even a clear reason…people I know, including cishet people, getting beaten, locked out of the house in the cold of winter.

sometimes parents treat kids more like objects, like they own and control them, and go apeshit when the kids stand up for themselves. in these cases, if it’s not some LGBTQ thing, it could be anything, sometimes even things that look totally trivial from the outside.

and there are far more people who have questioned whether or not this sort of thing will happen than there are people for whom it actualy happened.

please don’t ever assume that just because a person is cishet, that they haven’t necessarily faced a particular struggle like this.

the assumption in this post is just not true.

Plus, cishet autistic people often have to consider this issue.


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