replied to your post “I hate to play devils advocate but I recently noticed the parallels…”

Also Im really not seeing a workable parallel here between something you choose (your belief system) and something you have no control over (who you are sexually attracted to)

I think there’s a meaningful argument to be made for parallels between the religiously motivated persecution of non-Christian religious beliefs, and the religiously motivated persecution of non-Straight sexualities, in that both are system persecutions driven by Christian-centrism.

But that’s as far as the parallel goes, in my perspective, and I’m wondering what anon is seeing that I can help clarify for them.

I’m not sure if I consider spiritual beliefs entirely a choice. I personally don’t feel like I ever chose to be an atheist, and there are studies suggesting that factors like neurodivergence can shape religious beliefs, plus the obvious impact of nurture (if you have only been exposed to Christianity, you’re almost guaranteed to be a Christian). But that’s a really complicated issue that opens up a huge can of worms to examine.


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