30 Days of Kink: Day 23

Since you first developed an interest in kink, have your interests/perspectives changed? If so, how?

What counts as ‘first developed an interest’? Is it when I first showed a fascination with my kink, back when I was a preschooler? Is it when I first learnt about adult babies and explored the concept from the perspective of a curious outsider? Is it when I first realized that I had an unusual interest in the topics of my kink, and started questioning whether it was possible to have a non-sexual fetish? Or was it when I finally did realize this was a sexual fetish?

In any case, my interests have remained broadly similar. Incontinence didn’t interest me as a child, and I don’t recall even knowing it was possible aside from bedwetting, which I experienced and disliked. I also may have had more interest in deafness and blindness than I do now, or else included them in my pretend just because I felt like I should for completeness? But mostly it’s just my understanding that has changed, not my interests themselves.

My perspective has changed tremendously. I used to think that liking something bad automatically made you a bad person, that the fact that my reaction to my favorite characters getting hurt or sick was more ‘aww, yes’ than ‘oh no’ meant I was a cruel heartless person deep down. Now, I see it more as something morally neutral (unless I’m feeling triggered).


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