30 Days of Kink: Day 24 redux

What qualities do you look for in a partner?

Most of my past answer still applies, though my repeated mentions of how and why I wouldn’t want a cis straight dude makes me cringe. I no longer consider such reasoning appropriate – sexism and other ‘isms’ aren’t acceptable just because you’re directing them at privileged targets. And plus, my RP partner is a cis straight guy!

I’m also thinking less and less that I’d be open to an allo/aro romantic relationship. I’m not romance repulsed, but I feel like it would carry a big risk of my identity being erased by my partner and by others. I feel like even if they feel romantic attraction towards me, and do things they experience as expressions of romantic love, I would want to avoid romantic labels for the relationship.

I’m also more and more thinking I might be open to something in the realm of non-monogamy. In particular, I like the idea of having multiple partners of distinct types, like a triad that includes sex between A & B, romance between B & C, and kink between A & C. But I am still not really sure how it would work out for me in reality.


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