30 Days of Kink: Day 24

What qualities do you look for in a partner?

Well, I’m aromantic, so I mostly don’t look for romantic partners.

I wouldn’t be averse to a mixed aro/allo romance, as long as I’m very sure that they believe and accept that I don’t and will almost certainly never feel romantic attraction to them. But I certainly won’t be looking for it. It’ll only happen if someone else initiates.

But I might look for other kinds of partners, like a play partner, or a queerplatonic coparenting partner.

For a play partner, I’d look for someone who is respectful and has good boundaries, probably not cis straight male (I’m kinda scared of cis straight men who aren’t family), autistic-friendly, about the same age as me and with compatible kinks.

For a queerplatonic partner, I’d again be looking for a respectful age peer with good boundaries who isn’t cis straight male (btw, het aces and aro hets aren’t straight) and is autistic friendly, who wants or at least likes kids, and who is pro-homeschooling, pro-gender neutral parenting, supports religious freedom, believes in listening to kids, and generally agrees with me or will defer to me on most aspects of parenting.


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