A long way to go for me to complain about perfectly ordinary weather.


Something I’ve never understood, that seems to happen every time it rains, is the way people automatically say something like “oh good, we need the rain”. I understand that rain obviously has many benefits for everyone and also that many people just find it aesthetically pleasing; the weird thing is how consistent and predictable the observation is – along with even the exact words it’s expressed in, or close enough. I’ve lived in cities my whole life but it’s as if everyone I know secretly keeps an anxious eye on local soil moisture levels, and is silently praying all the time for rain…???

(Because for several reasons I have never driven a car, and become agitated if I can’t walk several miles even on days I don’t have anywhere to be, rain outside means I will feel either stir-crazy or, e.g. when I have to go to work and despite having an umbrella, cold and damp from the knees down, which I do not enjoy.)

If they’re a farmer or gardener, or really close to someone who is, they probably have been anxiously watching local moisture levels if it’s been a long time since it’s last rained. I’ve seen many farmers anxiously chatting with each other about the weather and the implications it has for their crops.


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