Unpopular opinion: Ok, so like I’m not even a furry and I don’t really understand that subculture, but like… why are furries getting so much hate? It just seems like everyone has decided that furries are an acceptable target in progressive, because they don’t get it and like if you don’t understand something, it obviously has to be about sex, right?

Like idk, I’m not super invested, but it’s annoying how liberal/progressive people think it’s okay to be assholes to this one group just because they don’t get them.

Maybe cause they are an “easy target” for trolls? And theres a blurry divide between regular furries and zoophila furries, people think all furries are zoophiles. I didn’t know liberals and progressives made fun of them I thought it was mostly conservatives. Most furries just want to be happy and make friends (at least fursuit furries) and to “bring out their inner animal”?

Furries are, by vast vast majority, queer.

Mocking furries is a socially acceptable form of queerphobia.

That’s why furry hate is so appealing to conservatives.

And because furries are, as discussed above, an easy target in other ways, even other queer people join in on the mockery as a quick and easy way to prove they’re not like those Weird Animal Queers.

The same kinds of logic are used for mocking furries as for mocking nonbinary people, and for the same reasons.

In fact, even this post, ostensibly in defense of furries, still manages to inadvertently equate a significant number of furries with being rapists and sex criminals. Because that’s how people are trained to perceive queers, and furries are mostly queer.

Man furries r still fuckin weird tho

Hi! You reblogged this from me. My partner and I are both furries.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of furries and why it’s really a very normal human behavior, check out this nonfiction twine. It’s pay-what-you-want; you can read it for free, then throw a few dollars the author’s way if you found it interesting. It also goes into the connection between furry history and queer history, and how homophobia has shaped what kinds of furry content are deemed ‘acceptable.’

But yeah, not to sound mean, but please don’t be like this. People think shippers and cartoon fandom types are weird, too. It’d be rude for someone to say that to your face.

All fans are considered weird by society, except for male fans of popular sports.

This is a point I think many miss. Furry is just a fandom. Every fandom has sfw and nsfw content. Every fandom has people who err way on the fetish side, too. And while comics and games are mainstreaming in some places, it’s still widely regarded as weird to be super into them beyond a certain fine boundary. So, furry hate from other fandom types is kind of a pot and kettle situation, isn’t it? Especially from people who are targeted by anti-shippers?

Furries as a group just have, like, a completely ludicrous amount of money to spend on commissions and fursuits (though most of us can’t afford that lol) and donations to animal shelters. It’s not actually that different from charity zines and cosplay.


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