political discourse is OUT fictional alien biology discourse is IN

this post was a mistake I didn’t need to know this much abt homestuck dicks I just wanted to know why andalites have chins

y’all keep saying “what did you expect” like I was supposed to know homestuck dick discourse was a thing

im wheezing

this is the most tumblr post I’ve seen in a whiiiile

that being said I’m always down for discussions of weird andalite biology. what’s with those hooves, anyway.

I have two questions about the hooves. One, are they, like, mouths? And two how do Andalites excrete? And now that I mentioned it, there’s the morphing sickness plot where Cassie was allergic to crocodile DNA, and Ax describes the word for the rejection process as “burping”, iirc? (Or was that sneezing? That would make more sense.) because they don’t have a concept of vomiting.

And just…what the hell is their biological niche, anyway? Social herbivores like horses, presumably, but how did they come into tool use?

Good questions indeed.


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