okay so hear me out

How insulting to include Trans people with furries and otherkin? What the fuck?

I’m… Literally trans… And I don’t know how this would be insulting ? It’s just a meme dude chill out.

@otherkinaredumb Are you trans?

Not that it’s any of your business, but yes. Regardless if someone is trans or not, it doesn’t take a genius to understand why it’s pretty insulting to compare trans transitioning to otherkin insanity.

Then you should fucking know better than to harass people. Hypocrite.

I am trans and otherkin and a furry and you’re out of line.

Please explain to me in detail why it’s insulting to imply that trans people are not the only people in the world interested in changing their physical appearance?

How much would people freak if I added that age regressors and people with body integrity identity disorder might also want to shapeshift?

I’m neither otherkin nor furry, but am maybe sort of trans/tentatively gender-questioning/non-binary (??? “we will continue to break into our scheduled programming with updates as further developments warrant” ???)… and right now I’m wondering how unusual it is to take having a fixation on dreaming and fantasizing etc. about shapeshifting as one piece among many suggesting to someone they might be in some way trans?

(I have a kink for ageplay too, which also plugs into shapeshifting desires for me, so addition endorsed, @acemindbreaker!)


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