Just Anti Things: for some reason this blog was recommended for me and I find it hilarious because Saitama is literally the worst anti mascot ever because he literally doesn’t give a shit about anything. if anything, Saitama is a pro shipper because he doesn’t give a shit about what you ship

There’s just so much to unpack on here lol where to start?

The fact this anti is 13 year olds and first sentence is something crappy your mom joke ( a very mature minor as you can see)

The stocking the anti reblog



-mod space

AAM apparently stands for “Adult-Attracted Minor”. Which. Yeah.

Also, this is a 13 year old involved in MAP discourse who feels the need to actively identify as anti incest, anti zoophile, and anti necrophile, what the fuck

How do these people get the idea that anybody is specifically for those things? The closest I’ve seen is homophobes who think that gay marriage will lead to people marrying dogs.

I mean a huge number of antis think that shit like shipping adults with an age gap is pedophilia so I could see the same kind of logic leading them to think that like My Little Pony fanfic writers are zoophiles and anyone who writes smut about Nightmare Before Christmas is obviously a necrophile, so I can kind of see why they may think that people are pro said things.

No, zoophiles and necrophiles are pretty common in the MAP community.

Mostly they just think that people shouldn’t be condemned as sex offenders just for having fantasies. Although I have seen pretty decent arguments in favor of both. (Corpses can’t be harmed and you could consent prior to death in your will if you want; unneutered adult animals can feel engage in psychologically healthy sex with conspecifics and can initiate sex with humans.)

Adult-attracted minors are generally kids who are disproportionately attracted to adults rather than peers, or gerontophiles who are under 18. Again, it’s about acknowledging a desire you shouldn’t act on so you can get support, although it’s the AAMs and not their partners who need protection.


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