I’m sick of people trying to argue that ships like Thorki (Thor/Loki) aren’t incest. Adoptive siblings are real siblings! It’s really hurtful to adopted children and their families to act like they don’t count as a part of that family purely because of their genes. And genetic incest only matters for reproduction – the real problems with incest come from mixing a sibling bond with romantic/sexual bonds.

I don’t care if you want to ship them, but the only way it’s not incest is if you have an AU where they didn’t grow up as brothers. (And that applies to bio siblings, too, since you can easily have an AU where they aren’t related either.) It’s OK to ship incest! Just tag it as such instead of bending over backwards to argue that they aren’t *technically* siblings.

I’m a survivor of incestuous CSA, since both of my abusers were simultaneously biological cousins and foster-turned-adopted siblings to me. Let me tell you – kid-me did not care how many genes they shared with me. What made it incestuous abuse from my perspective was that I saw them as my older siblings. One of them in particular I had the tag-along-kid following/idolizing my big brother kind of bond with, and that made his abuse a particularly damaging betrayal – worse than his sister who usually ignored me. If they had just been my cousins and not my foster siblings, their abuse would still have hurt, but not nearly as much.

They were truly my siblings. It doesn’t matter that the DNA says we’re cousins – I saw them as siblings and cared about them as siblings. And that’s what made their perversion of our family bond so insidious and harmful.


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