Random Ehlers-Danlos PSA Time:



I’m hypermobile, but not flexible at all – which meant I didn’t realise I was hypermobile for a long time, and still means I fail certain tests for hypermobility, that uniformly assume flexibility.

And…my inflexibility is actually closely linked to my hypermobility.

My muscles are constantly tight and seizing…because they’ve literally spent the last 30 years holding my skeleton together.

I’ve had so many doctors and PTs and MTs over the years comment on how well-developed and tight my muscles are. I deal with near constant musculoskeletal pain, and I get migraines when the muscles in my neck and shoulder spasm. This gets amplified hugely when I’ve had a full dislocation – my muscles will be spasmy and inflamed in that area for days. And conversely, it’s no coincidence that as soon as I take a muscle relaxant, my bones decide to just hold a fucking rave inside my skinbag.

So like, yeah. The fact I’m not bendy at all actually makes perfect sense in the context of hypermobility.



I’m very flexible and struggle with chronic joint pain, and I’m pretty sure I’m hypermobile.

My Dad, meanwhile, is very inflexible – but also has chronic joint pain, though it’s not exactly the same as mine. I’ve wondered if it could be a shared genetic trait and dismissed the possibility because he’s not flexible and his pain is more localized and associated with swelling, while for me literally any joint can hurt and it’s never swollen.

Do you think he might be inflexible but still hypermobile? How would I tell?


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